March 9, 2012

Craftbotic Launch Party

Yes, that's right....I am making the move to non-seasonal blogging with the launch of Craftbotic.

I am really excited about the move; but don't worry, my Christmas blog will run alongside keep following!

It would be really awesome to see you over at the new pad. I have some great guest posts coming up, a giant link-up and lots more.

R xxx

January 3, 2012

In my absence...

I can't belive how long it has been since I posted anything. I have been back at home catching up with my family, and more seriously work.  January is a mega busy time for me. Although I would rather be making stuff to share on my blog (using my first ever sewing machine), I have a 5000 word paper to study for and write over the next 3 weeks, my normal work as a teacher and staving off the many bugs going around.

I've really missed updating my blog; although it has given me a chance to read a lot of other people's posts and enjoy them.  I have found some new (to me) blogs and even managed to start my first board on Pinterest inspired by some of the lovely things that I have read.

So, I am postponing New Years resolutions, projects and craft until I have done my essay, so things might be a little quiet around here.

However, the exciting news is that I have decided to keep blogging! What was going to be a journal of my Christmas projects has started to become so much more.  My darling Christmas blog is going to be less active after January (any gifts or makes will still appear on here), as I am developing a more day to day craft blog. I am taking my time, working on the design, figuring out what I want to use it for. I am going to invite some of my new friends to guest post on the month I launch the site and hold a themed link-up.  Hopefully, this will happen in February...depending on the essay and how much of a back log it creates for me at work.

If you want to take part in the guest post welcome party, send me an idea to:

After all, a friend is just someone you haven't met yet, right? So come and introduce yourself.  In fact, email and introduce yourself even if you don't have a project!

Do any of you have any new blog tips you could send to me?  I'd be ever so grateful.

Take care, and Happy New Year.  See you on the other side of the paper, and hopefully a lot before.

Rosie xx