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Another Hobby Craft pack - Christmas cards

As I wanted to try out card making, withoug spending a small fortune on all of the embellishments, I picked up this kit for £5. This is the pack without the glue dots...however, once purchased, fairly inexpensively, it was both fun and easy to assemble. There are enough embellishments to allow you to put your own stamp on the project.  I love the results. My favourite is the tree and the reindeer.

They work out about 50p per card. I might get another pack...I might consider going completely will depend on how long it takes me to master a sewing machine! (1st November 2011)

When sometimes a ready-to-make pack is too good to ignore...

Cheat Number 1: Mosaic coasters - The sets are from Hobby Craft.  I made Santa and my boyfriend made the snowman.  Currently just waiting for them to dry a bit and then need to fill in some small gaps.  These are not presents...I guess just something to stick drinks on, on the big day.  Cutting the squares was a bit tough as getting accuracy with pliers was a bit hard, but overall it was fairly simple to do. Just takes a couple of hours because the bits are so small.  I don't think mosaics are in my craft future...although the boyf now fancies mosaic-ing a whole bathroom (not that he has one to do) - hopefully not with snowman though!  (October 29th 2011)

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Brittany said...

Those cards are beautiful! I'm your newest follower...loving your blog :)