October 31, 2011

Some new features

I have played around with the website design...at the expense of any useful jobs or infact craft. Whoops! Dead pleased with it though and my new button grab. If you have a blog, please link to me. Pretty please?!

R x

October 29, 2011

Well....I've done some more shopping!

Having been in Germany all week, enjoying the sunshine and a well earned rest....

(Pretty huh?!)....I have managed to buy craft supplies, but have not been home for enough time to make anything! So I now have a Christmas table cloth embroidery kit (for my mum...I think)...some large felt pieces, a German baking book and some new craft ideas. Here in Trier, there is an epic craft shop (4 floors) which I have wandered around twice now too mesmerised to buy much, although I fancy the cake and biscuit moulds.
Off to the supermarkt today to pick up some of the spices and baking agents that they like to use...and there is possibly some mosaic making to do this afternoon courtesy of a little Hobbycraft kit shipped in from the UK.

Can't wait to be back over at Christmas having finished all of my crafting...to enjoy the Christmas markets and some Gluhwein.

R x

October 18, 2011

Project 1: Advent Calendar finished!

You will have to imagine it tied up on the ribbon, but here it is:

To complete this project I used: 4 sheets of felt (2 red, 2 white), 4 embroidery silks, 24 mini pegs (painted gold with nail varnish on one side), one sheet of card, a gold pen, needles, pins, some treats and 1 metre of Christmas ribbon.  I embroidered the crosses (1 for each day) onto the shapes and then used blanket stitch around the edge. When I had filled them, I then pegged them to the ribbon. I am really happy!

R x

Scuppered by a lack of glue dots!

After a LONG day at work yesterday, I went to make my cards (using a very crafty cheat of an actual card pack) - I realised I didn't have the right sort of glue because it needs to be a kind of 3d effect on each one and needs those raised glue strip/dot/things.  I was somewhat gutted to find this out as after the success of the weekend, I am really keen to dash onto the next project.  The box claims to have 'everything' you need to make 12 cards - it didn't as there is no adhesive - and it fails to say what else you might need. I feel they might learn significantly from the El Paso dinner kits. All will be forgiven though, providing I can make the necessary purchase before Friday.

Now, I have the interesting conundrum of whether or not I will find time to go to the crafting shop, or any shop after work this week and before I go on holiday next week.  Does anyone know of a free, rapid craft delivery service? I would be very interested.

R x

October 16, 2011

The result of my sewing....full project details will remain secret as it's a present!

I cut out a lot of shapes using a pattern. It took aboutan hour in total (this is half the quantity). I used 2 sheets of felt for 12 shapes.

 This was my first attempt. Each shape will be embroidered and then blanket stitched to hold together. I learnt how to do this stitch by googling it and watching a YouTube video.

And then with quite a lot of TV to watch on a Saturday night...and a bit of effort throughout the week with the embroidery - I have finished the sewing part.

Next I need some cardboard...

R x


I found the following recipe for Spiced Apple Chutney on the BBC food website. It is now resting in a darkened cooled room ready to mature for Christmas. The overall smell while cooking wasn't that pleasant...I was concerned about the quanitity of vinegar.  You do need to keep an eye on it though. I cooked mine on a very low heat for longer than they recommended to minimise the liquid content. It will burn quite easily during the later stages....although mine didn't.

I was completely new to chutney making, so had to look up how to sterilise the jars.  I first washed them with soapy water, then boiled them in a saucepan for 10 minutes before drying in a hot oven. I warmed the jars before adding the chutney so they wouldn't break.  It already tastes pretty nice. 

While it is maturing, I will be making some lid covers with apples on them and finding some Christmas ribbon to add to the overall present effect. I think I will give it as a gift with some cheese and possibly a cheese knife, either in a handmade bag or box.

Updates when that is finished!

R xxx

October 13, 2011

Progress..of sorts

Well, after a few days I have spent quite a lot and started my first project. So far I have cut a number of shapes out of felt and started sewing a pattern on each...I'm not sure if they might be Christmas decorations or some kind of calendar - I guess it will depend on how good the embroidery is. 

I have been buying jam jars today ready for making spiced apple chutney at the weekend. I have started collecting the materials for making Christmas crackers....and I have a card making kit.  My Christmas craft book arrived and there's plenty of ideas for presents. The difficulty now is deciding what to make; there's too much!

Hopefully the weekend will see a greater amount of progress.

R x

October 10, 2011

Crafting has started!

So yesterday, I compiled a list of some of the projects I want to try over the next few weeks leading up to  Christmas. A very kind colleague is lending me her old sewing machine (and showing me how to use it), and in the meantime I have enough felt to hand sew my own body weight in Christmas goodies.  So far I have cut out half of the shapes I need, practiced blanket stitch and painted the sides of pegs gold. Can you tell what it is yet?

More info when I have made a bit of progress...possibly with some photos...


October 8, 2011

I love Christmas!

I love Christmas. I love craft. I would LOVE to do some Christmas craft and have decided 2011 is the year. It may look wonky, made by a 6 year old or just a bit 'special', but it will be made with love and some very basic skills.

Check back soon for my first craft project!

R x