December 6, 2011

Lavendar Hearts - For the mums!

One of the hearts is for my boyf's mum as part of her Christmas package; the other is for my mum's birthday which is inconsiderately on the 28th December. They have been made lots on blog land, but here they are again. I got the lavendar from Amazon of all places.

You will need: patterned fabric (scraps will do), some ribbon, some buttons, needle and thread and lavendar.  I have no idea on quantities, but it's not very much!

Cut out a heart pattern on paper, pin to fabric (I folded mine into 4 to get the shapes all at one time). I placed the right sides of the fabric together, pinned, machine sewed fairly close to the edge. Leave a small-ish gap for stuffing.  When sewn turn around the right way.

Fill with Lavendar - I think a funnel would be hugely beneficial - needless to say I had a tea spoon and my fingers. 

Hand sew the gap with slip stitch. Place the ribbon on each side with a button in front. Sew through the buttons until secure. And that's it.

Well there you go! I will post an image of the whole present after next week, as half of it is in Germany - I need to finish wrapping it there.

Have a fun week!
R x

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