December 6, 2011

To Dad with love - IPoD/Phone/anything the right size cover!

I had a mega make (well for me over the weekend), but no time to upload.  It's very dark before and after work, so I am sorry about the quality of the photos....I will try and get some during daytime at the weekend.

This pattern came free from a newspaper in the UK.

For one you need:
35mm/50mm wide bias binding
22cm square of cotton (patterned or plain)
22cm square of batting (padding stuff!)
22cm square of brushed cotton (for the inside)
A toggle
A sewing machine
Pins etc.

1. Fold the square of cotton in half right sides together. Pin a 1cm seam down the open side and one end of the fabric, then machine sew.
2. Press the seams back and then iron a 2.5cm lip at the top. Turn the fabric the correct way around.
3. Iron a 2.5cm lip on either side of a 22cm length of bias binding, then iron it in half lengthways. Tack the binding, folded edge inwards to the top of the cotton, leaving 6mm above the top of the fabric (this is for the cord). The ends should line up with the sewn side.
4. Repeat step one with the batting and brushed cotton. These should be pinned together. Once you have ironed the lip, don't turn inside out. 
5. Put the inner section inside the cotton takes a bit of stuffing. the folded seam should be on the opposite sides.
6. Line up the edges and then tack through the bias binding to line up the insides.
7. Slip stitch the edges together going through the binding. Remove the tacking.
8. Thread the cord through the lip at the top: a safety pin can help. Attach the toggle.

I decorated mine with badges, but it could have anything on it. Imade a second one for my brother too.

I hope you like them!

R xx

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Lisa said...

Great Idea and I love that it is padded!

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