October 29, 2011

Well....I've done some more shopping!

Having been in Germany all week, enjoying the sunshine and a well earned rest....

(Pretty huh?!)....I have managed to buy craft supplies, but have not been home for enough time to make anything! So I now have a Christmas table cloth embroidery kit (for my mum...I think)...some large felt pieces, a German baking book and some new craft ideas. Here in Trier, there is an epic craft shop (4 floors) which I have wandered around twice now too mesmerised to buy much, although I fancy the cake and biscuit moulds.
Off to the supermarkt today to pick up some of the spices and baking agents that they like to use...and there is possibly some mosaic making to do this afternoon courtesy of a little Hobbycraft kit shipped in from the UK.

Can't wait to be back over at Christmas having finished all of my crafting...to enjoy the Christmas markets and some Gluhwein.

R x

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