October 16, 2011


I found the following recipe for Spiced Apple Chutney on the BBC food website. It is now resting in a darkened cooled room ready to mature for Christmas. The overall smell while cooking wasn't that pleasant...I was concerned about the quanitity of vinegar.  You do need to keep an eye on it though. I cooked mine on a very low heat for longer than they recommended to minimise the liquid content. It will burn quite easily during the later stages....although mine didn't.

I was completely new to chutney making, so had to look up how to sterilise the jars.  I first washed them with soapy water, then boiled them in a saucepan for 10 minutes before drying in a hot oven. I warmed the jars before adding the chutney so they wouldn't break.  It already tastes pretty nice. 

While it is maturing, I will be making some lid covers with apples on them and finding some Christmas ribbon to add to the overall present effect. I think I will give it as a gift with some cheese and possibly a cheese knife, either in a handmade bag or box.

Updates when that is finished!

R xxx

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