October 18, 2011

Scuppered by a lack of glue dots!

After a LONG day at work yesterday, I went to make my cards (using a very crafty cheat of an actual card pack) - I realised I didn't have the right sort of glue because it needs to be a kind of 3d effect on each one and needs those raised glue strip/dot/things.  I was somewhat gutted to find this out as after the success of the weekend, I am really keen to dash onto the next project.  The box claims to have 'everything' you need to make 12 cards - it didn't as there is no adhesive - and it fails to say what else you might need. I feel they might learn significantly from the El Paso dinner kits. All will be forgiven though, providing I can make the necessary purchase before Friday.

Now, I have the interesting conundrum of whether or not I will find time to go to the crafting shop, or any shop after work this week and before I go on holiday next week.  Does anyone know of a free, rapid craft delivery service? I would be very interested.

R x

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