November 8, 2011

Christmas Cracker Madness

It's been a really busy week in my little flat making my napkin rings. On Sunday I finally plucked up the courage to open the embroidery table-runner kit and start sewing. It is a simple design, but will just take quite a while due to the size of it.  I think this might be coming out whenever the TV goes on for the next couple of weeks. Humph.

My mini project of the week, while I wait for some supplies to arrive in the post is to start to make some of the cracker gifts that will eventually go inside my homemade Christmas crackers.  I am trying to customise or make existing objects in order to increase my chances of finishing. I'm not having Christmas at home, so I am making for my boyf's family who I haven't met very much. So I am braving new crafts and communicating in a language I don't understand.

My tasks for this week:
 - Order flower seeds and make a customised label (in German)
 - Embroider a handkerchief with the initials of his dad in a manly font!
 - Make some magnetic fridge pegs for his brother's girlfriend.
 - Try and think of something for his brother - I am very stuck. (I'm going to make a meat rub!)

Boyf's gift will need to wait until I have done some more sewing. (I've accidentally done this rather than the sewing) I won't be able to share it until after Crimbo though as he is an avid reader of my blog. 

I will definitely also be making my stocking template this week. I promise. (Tail between legs and humble face - soon)

Thanks for reading.

R x


kelly said...

Looking forward to seeing your christmas crackers


Rosie said...

Thanks, do I! I think it might be a couple of weeks away yet. I've made one gift so far....out of six...Hmmmmm maybe tomorrow! Hope to see you again soon.

Rosie x