November 6, 2011

Christmas Napkin Rings

I used the same principle as my flowered napkin rings, but instead used a star shape rather than flowers to make a motif that will fit with the table runner. Maybe now I just need to start the table runner....there's a lot of sewing to do....we'll see!

To make these sparklers, I used:

2 sheets of white felt (A4)
Silver sequins
Needle and Thread
Tacky glue
1 metre of silver and gold ribbon.
A star template scaled to match the ribbon width.

Step 1: I made the template on MS Word using Google shapes. This allowed me to make more than one and speed up the cutting out process. You need 8 star shapes.

Step 2: Sew beads or sequins into a design of your choice on 4 of the star pieces. This is the most time consuming part.

Step 3: Adjust the back. In this design the ribbon will be sandwiched between two star shapes.  To do this the back piece needs to have 2 points trimmed. I glued these to the reverse of the back piece with tacky glue to add stability to the points.

Step 4: I pinned the rings using the same method as with the flower napkin rings and then tacked along the edge to secure further.

Step 5: Using tacky glue, I secured the front and back pieces of the star together sandwiching the ribbon in between. I secured with the pegs* I am going to use to make some notice clips as cracker gifts. * mine left some peg marks on....maybe softer clips like paper clips would be better!

Step 6: Trim the remaining ribbon and neaten edges.

Ta dah!

I hope you like them.

R xx

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ReMadeSimple Kristina said...

Hi Rosie! Thanks for visiting and following ReMadeSimple-glad you liked my chalkboards-and I love your sparkly little stars! Happy blogging! -Kristina