November 15, 2011

Project Juggling

In the last week, life got in the way. However, I did get some some stuff started, and a couple of little bits finished. I guess one of the main things that distracted me was trying to make more blog pals, and researching methods of creating some of the ideas I have in my head in reality by trawling blogs for inspiration.  There is plenty out there...although now I have more ideas about what to make than time to make it all before Christmas!

I have started making my brother's and his girlfriend's present (customised cushion covers). Both of them are ridiculously cool (not even in direct comparison to me), so they need to be as well.  My Sunday adventures with Bondaweb, pattern cutting and hand applique was certainly a baptism of fire. A few more embellishments and I might be ready to machine sew the covers together. (Biting of fingernails).

So my aims for this week, inbetween grading 3 sets of papers, and writing reports are:
 - Embroider the handkerchief
 - Buy and package the meat rub (for Christmas Crackers - see below!)
 - Finish cushion covers
 - Do at least an hour of embroidery on the table runner I wished I hadn't started.

But I can only do this if I get on with my that is what I shall do. Lunch time is over.

If you haven't already...please consider linking to my new Christmas link up. I know there are loads of them out there - but it's such a lovely way to meet new bloggers and gain inspiration.


R xxxx

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